AT SPARK, we provide our clients with the solutions that are accurate and timely solutions that best suit the need of the client. We deal with the challenges arising from continuously changing economic and regulatory environment, we provide to management and stakeholders the transparency and trust for better decision making. Our focus is to deliver high quality audit and assurance services by ascertaining and disclosing the financial and non-financial insights to the stakeholders.We proudly carry the acknowledgement and recommendation of our clients – this “TRUST” is the major motivator and contributor in the growth and success of SPARK.

We take into account each client’s unique business, policies and procedures in order to provide the best possible solutions to the clients.

SPARK’s audit and assurance team is:

  1. Committed to client’s requirements
  2. Adherence to the rules and regulations
  3. Update of all the changes in accounting, financial, reporting and auditing areas.
  4. Continuously looking for areas of improvement and  provide suggestions for change.
  5. Committed to provide the information and inspiration to the reader of financial statements.


We provide the following services including, but not limited to:

  1. Audit as per Statute
    Statutory Audit is not merely a compliance, it calls for assurance reporting on all the dimensions covering the organization. Our team keeps up with all the facets of Statutory Audit and observes the highest standards of quality in its conduct.
  2. Internal Audit and Management Assurance
    Internal Audit is an integral part of the Control Mechanism and assists organization from within. We assist our clients right from establishing the control mechanism to keeping a vigil on the compliance of the same.
  3. Forensic Audit and Integrity services
    SPARK has a separate team of Experts for the conduct of Forensic Audit and Special Audits. The deliverables are set at very high standards and keeping in mind the expectations of the stakeholders.
  4. Other Regulatory Audit – Trust, Co-operative Society, Charitable Institution, Government
    The Audit for special organizations require a different bent of mind. Also, organizations like these are additionally governed by certain statutes. We take special care in the Audit of such organizations so that there is a total compliance of the concerned rules.
  5. Bank Audits
    Banks form the backbone of the Financial System. SPARK performs almost all the functions relating to the Banking Domain like Statutory Audit, Concurrent Audit, Special Audits, Forensic Audits, Stock & Receivables Audit, etc. SPARK has a specialized team to perform these functions which include Ex-Bankers.
  6. IRFS – Advisory, Implementation and Reporting
    At SPARK, we follow an attitude of looking into the future. We provide advisory on the implementation of the IFRS (which in India is termed as IND-AS). Also, reporting on the same is an integral part of the Assurance procedure.
  7. Limited Reviews
    We conduct special assignments and limited reviews at the behest of our clients. The scope of the assignments vary according to the requirement of the clients.
  8. Due Diligence Reviews
    Due diligence is a routine part of the services provided to the Financial Institutions. We provide customer due diligence services to various NBFC’s in the form of Personal Discussion Liquid Income Profiling for the use of Credit Department.
    Also, we conduct Due Diligence activities of Corporate Entities based on the specific requirements of the clients.
    The vast network of SPARK assists in the delivery of localized services in a timely manner.
  9. Specialized Risk and Advisory Services
    Risk Management and Curtailment is a process that has taken the front stage in this dynamic business environment. SPARK endures the policy of Risk Management and mitigation in a routine manner and serve the same for the client.

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