Startup Consulting

Startups have specific requirements. They are not bound by generalized business solutions in the initial stages of their growth. At SPARK, we provide customized services apt to the ever-changing needs of the startups. We deal with needs of the startups in a dynamic environment and help them reach their potential.We help the startups in shaping their ideas into reality.

The services are listed as:
1. Structure of the Business
Structure of the business includes a careful decision-making process depending upon various factors like scale, age and type of business. The same also relates to the complexity in the nature of business and the level of compliance required.
We assist the clients in selecting the right structure of business considering the scale and nature of business.

2. Procuring necessary licenses
We provide consultancy to the startups on the licenses to be taken and also help them in procuring the same.

3. Initial set-up of systems and processes
In the growth stages, the startups are focusing only on the core business. We assist the startups in the Initial set-up of systems and processes so that the promoters can concentrate on the core business. The systems are developed to accommodate the ever-increasing requirements of the dynamic business world.

4. Compliance with respect to various statutes
Business is governed by many statutes and compliance with each is mandatory requirement. We help businesses in complying with the requirements of different statutes so that the clients don’t have to deal with the burden of requirements.

5. Scaling up of business
Its easy to start a business but difficult to set the same on an infinite growth path. SPARK comes to the aid of business by helping them in scaling up by providing:
a. Strategic Business Consultancy
b. Compliances with the increase in business
c. Restructuring of the business with the requirement of growth
d. Catering to the incremental requirements of Business Processes

Sudeep Saxena

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